15 of Disney’s most underrated characters

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15. Bernard (The Santa Clause)

Let’s just own it: Bernard the Elf was swoon-worthy. Come December every year, we’re reminded just how much we crushed on him as kids (and honestly, still crush a bit now).

He’s snarkier than most people; the fact that he’s an elf makes it that much funnier. After doing his job for hundreds of years, he has no time for Scott Calvin and his skepticism about the North Pole.

And let’s face it: with Scott Calvin’s pre-Santa personality, only someone as blunt and tough as Bernard could’ve gotten him in line. In his own begrudging way, Bernard saves Christmas.

But Bernard is so much more than a cranky old elf. He has a huge heart for kids, as evidenced in his first encounter with Charlie Calvin. It’s worth pointing out that Charlie also grew into a crush-worthy kid. But this isn’t his moment.

When Bernard meets young Charlie, his whole attitude shifted. Suddenly Bernard was gentle and comforting. The very first thing he did was give Charlie a gift! He makes Charlie feel extra important, emphasizing how important the snow globe was.

As we find out, that’s because it’s not just any snow globe. This one is magical, and serves as a signal for Charlie when he wants to see his dad. Bernard knows how hard it would actually be on Charlie when Scott becomes Santa full time.

He’s prepared for it, and helps a young boy continue believing. He is a big portion of the heart of Santa’s Workshop. #BernardForever.