15 of Disney’s most underrated characters

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6. Elastigirl (The Incredibles)

Elastigirl is a role model from her first moments on screen in The Incredibles. She laughs at the idea of leaving the superhero work to men. She beats Mr. Incredible to the punch – literally – when taking down a thief.

Then she becomes a mom and an even bigger hero. Raising kids is tough, but raising kids who have superpowers and are forced to hide them is even harder. There are a lot of pent up feelings in that scenario.

Like Bob/Mr. Incredible, Helen isn’t thrilled about having to give up being a super, but she does what she has to. And then, because Mr. Incredible couldn’t fully adjust to living a normal life, Elastigirl had to go save him.

Of course, even Elastigirl has moments where she struggles. She’s only human. Sometimes she needs a friend like Edna Mode to smack her with a magazine and remind her to “Pull. Yourself. Together!”

But Elastigirl is never the damsel in distress at any point in The Incredibles. She’s always the one with a plan. Even in battle, she manages to look out for her kids, think clearly, and act quickly.

Luckily, Elastigirl is getting her due spotlight this year. Incredibles 2 is set to focus on Helen Parr’s work to help supers be able to come back into the public eye. While she fights for that, Bob/Mr. Incredible will be staying home to raise the kids.

Thanks to the wonder that is Edna Mode, Elastigirl is even getting a new suit. And it looks seriously awesome.