What if Harry Potter joined forces with Lord Voldemort instead of fighting him?


We know that Harry Potter defeated Lord Voldemort. But what if our favorite hero turned to the ‘dark side’ rather than fighting against the Dark Lord?

Harry Potter isn’t as black and white as we believe. We think that there is good and there is evil but Harry, himself, shows that there is a difference and a gray area that we may never figure out. At times, Harry was part of that gray area.

Now, that might be because he had a part of Voldemort inside him. Or it might be because there is darkness in us all but what if Harry had joined forces with Voldemort? Sure, it would have been very interesting and not really the character we’ve come to love, but it would be quite the twist.

Think about it. The same thing happened in Star Wars. We weren’t sure if Luke Skywalker would turn to the dark side and, clearly, the family had darkness inside them. So then, why couldn’t Harry Potter have the same struggle?

I mean, I guess he technically did. In Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, he struggled to not let Voldemort in which, in a way, is him fighting against the darkness that is Voldemort. But I’d rather see Harry fight against actually turning into one of the Death Eaters, becoming one of the villains he so aggressively wanted to fight against. It would just make everything that much more interesting!

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What do you think Harry would do? Do you think that he would ever go to the dark side? Or did he only have a darker streak because of the part of Voldemort that was inside him? We may never know but share your thoughts in the comments below!