Have fans overlooked this Voldemort-foreshadowing moment for the last 10 years?


The more you watch a movie, the more you see. That was the case for one fan, who realized that we may have missed an important Voldemort-foreshadow for the last decade.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince has been out for a decade now, but there are still elements of the movie that fans are still spotting. One fan on Reddit, PumpActionBronson, pointed out that there may have been something in the memory of Professor Dumbledore meeting Tom Riddle at the orphanage; something that foreshadowed the number of Horcruxes he would have as Voldemort.

While Dumbledore and the young Tom Riddle talk, there are rocks sitting on the windowsill. More importantly, there are seven rocks. We see those same seven rocks again later after Dumbledore and Harry watch the memory of Professor Slughorn explaining to Riddle what a Horcrux is.

During that same memory, the young Tom talks to Slughorn about the beauty of the number seven. Showing us that he always wanted to split his soul into pieces, but he only wanted it in seven pieces.

Harry then asks Dumbledore about the seven Horcruxes, that is where Dumbledore makes it clear that there were only six Horcruxes made—the seventh part of the puzzle was Voldemort himself. Therefore the six being, the diary, the ring, the locket, the cup, the diadem and Nagini. Voldemort himself is the seventh.

Comment from discussion palcatraz’s comment from discussion "When Dumbledore visits a young Tom Riddle in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, a brief close up shows 7 rocks meticulously organized on Tom’s windowsill, foreshadowing Voldemort’s plan to split his soul into the seven Horcruxes.".

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But we all know, and so did Dumbledore at the time, that that wasn’t quite true. Harry became a Horcrux, the seventh Horcrux, something Voldemort didn’t intend to do. We don’t learn this until Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows however so it makes sense that the seven rocks from the memory are an Easter egg to the seven Horcruxes: Nagini, the diadem, the locket, the ring, the cup, the diary, and Harry Potter. Giving us, and especially those who had not read the books, the hint that another seven Horcruxes were out there, not six.

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Of course, it could be nothing. It could be just some random rocks that were lying around. Maybe young Tom Riddle just liked rocks and the number of seven.

We’ll never really know unless someone behind Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince tells us, but it’s certainly possible that someone was trying to hint at something coming in the future.

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