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Which Hogwarts House is the best of them all in Harry Potter? Will it be Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff or Slytherin?

While we all know of them, which of the Hogwarts Houses is the very best of them? Is it the daring and chivalrous Gryffindor? Or is it the dedicated and loyal Hufflepuff? Then again, it could be those cunning and resourcefulness Slytherin and don’t ever disregard the intelligent and witty Ravenclaw.

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Of course we all believe that our own house is the very best Hogwarts House. I’m a Gryffindor so I naturally think the Gryffindor house is the best house. It’s just what happens. It doesn’t matter if you get sorted into Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff or Slytherin. As soon as you get sorted on Pottermore and learn what your Hogwarts House is, you naturally decide that you have been placed in the best.

They can’t all be the best though, well, I actually could place them all as the best but I won’t, because let’s be honest you all want to know where your house is in the rankings. Have you been sorted in first or last or are you somewhere in the middle?

So without further ado, let’s dive in and see where your Hogwarts House has ranked in this, Harry Potter Hogwarts Houses ranking.

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Nope, sorry Ravenclaws but you are at the bottom I’m afraid.

For all of you expecting Slytherin to be here, I’m afraid it is not to be. Ravenclaw brings up the rear in the Harry Potter Hogwarts Houses ranking. For those Ravenclaws reading this, shaking their head in disbelief and getting ready to shout, scream and write about how wrong I am. Listen first to why you have ranked last, rather than your normal second to last.

Known for your intelligence, wit and wisdom. You are clearly the smartest of us all. However, your ultracompetitive and occasional backstabbing to be number one do you no favors in the popularity department and especially the house rankings.

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But that is not why you have ranked so low. It is those damning inconsistencies and the confusion your house causes. I am talking about how the Harry Potter books and movies have you all so different and mixed up. In the books your robes are blue and bronze and your symbol is an eagle. Yet in the movies they are blue and silver and your symbol is a raven.

For a house that prides itself on being the smartest of them all. The fact you cannot get your own house correctly in order is why you ended up down here.

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Well done Slytherins you didn’t end up last.

Sorry, that’s a little unfair. For a house who is constantly blamed for anything that goes wrong, it takes some thick skin to be able to put up with it all.

That’s not going to get you off too lightly here though. You Slytherins are getting no higher than second to last at the Hogwarts House rankings. After all, you may be ambitious, cunning and resourcefulness. Which are all amazing traits to have but you have really not put it too much good use?

Yup, your history of producing dark witches and wizards has done you no favors in the rankings and to be honest it probably never will.

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And before anyone shouts that it is unfair. What else did you expect? Isolate a bunch of witches and wizards in a deep dark dungeon and tell them they are likely to turn out evil and of course, you are going to produce a few bad eggs. Sorry, that won’t quite cut it.

Your house is associated with Lord Voldemort, Bellatrix, Lucius Malfoy and countless other Death Eaters. Your pet snake does you no favors either and you may have Severus Snape as a case for proving you are all not bad but it doesn’t matter. No amount of good can undo the biggest problem you Slytherins have. Producing the worst of the worst people in the Harry Potter world.

Professor Umbridge.

Image Credit: Courtesy of Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc

Image Credit: Courtesy of Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc


Gryffindor is usually crowned the number one house but not here. Sorry, and this comes from someone who was sorted into Gryffindor, we are really not the best.

Known for our traits of courage, daring, nerve and chivalry. We certainly have some pretty good traits but let’s be honest with each other. We are pretty damn stupid. Always getting ourselves into trouble and situation we really shouldn’t be in. Regarded sometimes as a house for the brave. Considering how many scrapes we have gotten out of you can see why, but often more than not, we put ourselves in those situations in the first place.

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I love my house. I’m proud to call myself a Gryffindor, but I will not go as far as saying we are the best of the best Hogwarts Houses in Harry Potter. We have put our foot into it one too many times to call ourselves the best I’m afraid.

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You dear Hufflepuff’s are the best.

Known for your hard work, dedication, patience, loyalty and other awesome traits. The Hufflepuffs are simply the most welcoming and inclusive Hogwarts house of them all. Having a bit of each house allows you all to not become too stuck up, too evil or too stupid and therefore the best.

The best thing about your house is the fact you have been the best from day one. Ravenclaws, Gryffindors and Slytherins may have altered their ranking as time went on but the more evil witches and wizards Slytherin made, the worse they became and the lower they then ranked. The movies were the downfall of dear old Ravenclaw, before then they ranked higher and if we are honest, our famous trio really did the damage for Gryffindor and the number of dumb things they did. Although it was entertaining.

Yet Hufflepuff took first from the moment Hogwarts was founded and it has stayed there ever since. For taking in all the rest the house became the most rounded and best of them all.

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What do you think of the Harry Potter Hogwarts Houses ranking? There is no way you all agree with me so share your thoughts below and let me know why your house, unless you’re a Hufflepuff, is the best.

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