C2E2 2018: Some of the best cosplay, from Star Wars to Stranger Things

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Newt Scamander at C2E2. Image taken by C. Wassenaar.

Newt Scamander

There were a few people cosplaying as Newt Scamander at C2E2, but this Newt I met towards the end of a day had a particularly heavy briefcase — and came with a niffler as well! There’s a lot to say for adding in the Hufflepuff scarf as well. It does seem like Hufflepuffs are slowly getting more love. How could I resist any of those great details?

Ginny Weasley cosplayer at C2E2. Image taken by C. Wassenaar.

Ginny Weasley

Surprisingly, I didn’t see many people cosplaying as the Golden Trio themselves (especially considering that there was a panel about the series at C2E2), but I did see a lot of people who wanted to give more love to some of the other characters of Harry Potter, like this Ginny Weasley, who came in a full Quidditch outfit — broom and all. No word on whether she was ready to play Seeker or Chaser.

Minerva McGonagall cosplayer at C2E2. Image taken by C. Wassenaar.

Minerva McGonagall

There was no way to avoid saying hello to someone cosplaying as Minerva McGonagall, otherwise known as the very best teacher at Hogwarts (and not just because Dame Maggie Smith played her in the Harry Potter films).

Check out all the work in her sleeves and seams, and she even has the full tartan skirt. She looks about ready to start moving the statues of Hogwarts, frankly.