C2E2 2018: Some of the best cosplay, from Star Wars to Stranger Things

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Homemade Spider-Man and Indiana Jones at C2E2. Image taken by C. Wassenaar.

Spider-Man and Indiana Jones

Now this is the team-up movie of our dreams. Hey, Marvel and Lucasfilm are both owned by Disney now. We’re not saying Indiana Jones 5 could feature an appearance by a metahuman or two, but who wouldn’t enjoy watching our favorite archaeologist snark at a superhero?

Either way, these two were ready for action. Props to our Spider-Man here for going for the homemade costume — just because there were a lot of regular Spider-Men around, but few who went for this look.

A burnt Darth Vader and a take on Loki from C2E2. Image taken by C. Wassenaar.

Loki and a burned Darth Vader

There weren’t as many Lokis as I expected, but there was this Loki in a huge booth accompanying a Darth Vader who went for some full burn makeup. (She didn’t shout “I hate you!” or anything, though.) Going for the full look is hard enough, but adding the makeup is a big bonus. As for our Loki here, the spear absolutely looked great in person — and that expression is absolutely worthy of a trickster god (or goddess)!

Poison Ivy and Kylo Ren at C2E2. Image taken by C. Wassenaar.

Poison Ivy and Kylo Ren

Just in this photo alone, you have multiple fandoms represented. To the left is a Poison Ivy, and to the right is Kylo Ren — scar firmly in place. Meanwhile, weapons and shields from all sorts of fandoms are behind Kylo here, including a very prominent Hylian Shield from The Legend of Zelda. But that’s what makes C2E2 and other cons so much fun.