Taylor Swift to Premiere Spotify Singles On Friday


Taylor Swift wasn’t kidding when she said she was partnering up with Spotify for way more than just another “Delicate” music video. 

Remember last month when we had another music video for “Delicate,” which was only an exclusive on Spotify? Well, it turns out Taylor Swift has way more up her sleeve with her partnership with Spotify. On Thursday morning, the songstress announced that a brand new acoustic version of “Delicate” and her cover of Earth Wind & Fire’s “September” will be available on a playlist entitled Taylor Swift Singles. 

The “Delicate” singer took the news to her Instagram, and let’s be honest, everytime we see a new post from her, we freak out. This time was no exception. With the announcement, Swift gave us a short clip of her singing “Delicate,” which could mean that we might be receiving a video as well as the audio version of the track. We are so happy Swift is back at performing again, and we can’t wait to watch this exclusive.


Fans have also heard a clip of her cover “September,” and it sure sounds country to us, giving us a clue that the old Taylor might not really be dead. You can listen to the clip below:

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Her vocals have grown exceptionally and we are so excited to hear the entirety of these two tracks that will be available on Spotify at midnight tonight (early Friday). Are just as excited as we are? If you so, let us know just how excited by sounding off in the comment section below. We can’t wait to hear from you.