25 fun facts you didn’t know about your favorite teen movies

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Mean Girls
Tina Fey (L) poses with fellow cast members Jonathan Bennett and Lindsay Lohan at the after-party for Paramount’s “Mean Girls” (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images) /

Mean Girls – Only nice girls can play mean girls

Mean Girls is without a doubt one of the greatest teen movies of the new millennium, if not of all time. Following its 2004 release, the film has become a cultural phenomenon that is still widely quoted and referenced in pop culture, from pop songs and TV shows to just everyday life.

If you haven’t seen the movie, that’s a crime, but we’ll fill you in any way. Mean Girls is about Cady Heron (Lindsay Lohan), the daughter of research zoologists who spent most of her life being homeschooled in Africa. When her parents bring her back stateside and send her to high school to get her socialized, she quickly realizes just how different this world is.

When the popular clique The Plastics takes a liking to the pretty, new girl, Cady pretends to be their friend. What The Plastics lead by Queen Bee Regina (Rachel McAdams) don’t know is that Cady’s reporting back to her other new friends, art nerds Janis and Damian. Soon enough, Cady is living a double life but quickly starts getting a little too deep into the world of The Plastics.

What many people may not know about the iconic teen film is that Lohan was originally set to play Regina George! She decided it would be a better idea to play the “nice girl” Cady so that audiences wouldn’t think she was a mean girl in real life. Around this time, Lindsay Lohan was already a tabloid staple even as a teenager.

McAdams, who ended up playing Regina, was chosen by producers because she seemed like a nice girl, and “only nice girls can play mean girls.”  Funny enough, despite playing classmates, Lohan is actually eight years younger than McAdams.