Tony Stark looks like he’s absolutely had enough in Avengers: Infinity War promo pic


A new promo picture featuring Tony Stark shows him in a pose that looks like he has no fears what-so-ever. It certainly has been a long journey for Iron Man.

There’s a tie for who is the most tired of all the Avengers. Next to Captain America, Tony Stark is definitely right there at the top.

That’s clearly visible in one of the latest promo images to come out. On Twitter, MCU News and Tweets posted an image of Tony Stark, Doctor Strange, Bruce Banner and Wong all in a battle pose. It’s a familiar scene that we’ve seen a few times in other promo images and videos.

But let’s go back to that “battle pose.” Tony Stark is placed front and center. They’re waiting for something to go down, and everybody seems at least a little prepared to fight whatever’s about to come at them.

But look at Tony, arms folded, sunglasses on! All I see is, “another day, another battle.”

He’s serving us “I honestly don’t want to be here but here I am anyway.”  He’s serving “Come at me bro” vibes. He looks like the “Challenge Accepted” rage comic guy from way back when.

Tony Stark has pretty much seen it all at this point and he has no time to put up with other people’s mess.

Sure, Doctor Strange may have gone back in time over and over and over again. Bruce Banner landed up in Trash Planet. And Wong, well, just has trouble making sure Strange doesn’t take stuff out of his library without permission.

And then we have Tony. The man literally had his heart ripped from him in a war-torn country and survived by wearing a literal Iron Giant suit. He fought Thor’s annoying brother and almost died carrying an explosive into space, and had to place his very friends whom he loves in jail.

Need I go on? Because I can. But the emotional turmoil that Tony went through is probably too much even for me to handle.

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So Tony, we know that you’re looking like it’s no big deal. But Thanos is a big deal. We hope that whatever’s going to happen, you react wisely. Try not to die, please?