Does Harry Potter ever leave the actors? Or are they stuck forever?


When fans of the Harry Potter series see an actor from the movies in something, we tend to relate them back to their character. So does being a part of Potter ever leave an actor?

Being cast in Harry Potter made you back when the movies were coming out. It was an incredible thing to be cast in and most people out there were fans of the series. The problem now? Well, we still associate most of those actors with being a part of the series.

It isn’t necessarily a bad thing but it also isn’t fair to the actors. They work their entire lives and branch out from Potter and still, we look to them as one of the professors or students. It isn’t our fault, many of us grew up watching these movies so really, it is just our general reaction.

But for some, they had careers long before coming to Hogwarts. For whatever reason though, those careers were thrown to the side and most of us just focused on the fact that they were part of this world that J.K Rowling created for us all. It is weird but it is also why this series has lived on as it has throughout the years.

So the question remains: Does an actor ever escape the label of a Harry Potter star? The quick answer? No, they don’t. But they also should embrace that title with honor. Fans have dedicated their lives to Harry and his friends and getting to be a part of that is what many of us have dreamed of since we were children.

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Even though many of this actors want to be taken seriously outside of their contribution to the Potter series, it is still nice to track those actors once part of something that meant so much to us all.