15 LGBTQIA+ movies to watch if you liked Love, Simon

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Another Gay Movie

Get ready for something completely different. Another Gay Movie is a vulgar, campy gay teen comedy released in 2006. The best way to describe this film would be the queer version of American Pie, on steroids.

Another Gay Movie revolves around four friends who recently graduated from high school. Andy, Nico, Jarod and Griff make a pact that they will all lose their virginities by the end of the summer. They’re all naive and sex-crazed teenagers, so their plots to have sex all backfire and hilarious hijinx ensue.

Nico tries to meet a guy online, but that backfires, and instead he cozies up to his lesbian friend’s grandfather. Jarod wants to hook up with a hot jock, while Griff is pining for a male stripper. But in true teen movie fashion, the two end up having sex with each other and realize what they were looking for was right in front of them the entire time.

Andy tries to seduce his math teacher, Mr. Puckov, who he had been crushing on forever but fails. Instead, he ends up with the two men that Jarod and Griff rejected.

This movie is absolutely ridiculous and at times, maybe too much to handle. But sometimes, that’s necessary. Straight teenagers had American Pie, Superbad and Not Another Teen Movie — films that all dealt with sex and partying and gross toilet humor. Why can’t gay teenagers have the same options?

In the end, it’s a funny movie. Should it be studied for queer-adolescent theory for some academic study? No, but it might help confused, shy teenagers become that much more comfortable talking about sex and sexuality, which sometimes seems like such a terrifying thing to do.

Let’s hope it’s also a lesson for what these teens shouldn’t do!