Netflix’s teacher rosters are missing some names, so we added more classes to the curriculum


Netflix released a roster of teachers we’d definitely not skip class on, but the great thing about school is that there are multiple subjects! So we’re looking at who else we’d want to be our teachers!

When Netflix gave us the option to have some pretty hot teachers in school, we all obviously had an opinion. But the list left out some heavy hitters.

The thing about school is that there are lots of subjects available for our educational needs.

So we’re looking at some more fabulous celebrities we wouldn’t want to skip class on.

Drama. Charlie Cox, known now for his take on Matt Murdock in Netflix’s Daredevil, would be one hot theater teacher you wouldn’t want to disappoint. His knack for accents would mean he could teach you to play all sorts of characters.

AP English. Those of us who were good at English typically joined the higher level courses, but if we had Chris Pine as our teacher, everyone in school would be joining AP. Know you’re going to fail the AP exam? Who cares, you get to stare at Chris Pine every day. Those blue eyes would make it worth it.

Earth Science. Look, who liked learning about the earth? No one. And if you did, sorry, but it is one of the worst classes. Now imagine looking at Oscar Isaac telling you about tectonic plates shifting. Much better, right? At least maybe he’d sing songs to us about earth to make us remember.

Art. John Boyega is a work of art, so it is only fitting that he would teach it to us. Right? That’s how that works?

World History. I would know all there was about the history of the world to impress John Cho if he was my teacher. Obviously you’d want to impress him so he’d want you as his teacher’s pet.

Geometry. Dev Patel is beautiful and while I failed geometry the first time round, I probably would fail it again so he’d have to tutor me if he was my teacher.

Health. Give me Sebastian Stan talking to me about reproductive health, or give me death. Do I think he’d be the most knowledgeable? In absolutely no way, but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t enjoy watching him stand up in front of class telling me what my body needed.

Algebra. Math is not an easy subject. Kids struggle through it year after year. And I think having John Krasinski teaching algebra to me wouldn’t exactly make it any easier. But it would provide me with some eye candy to make failing the class a little easier, at least.

Vice Principal. Chris Evans is an opposing figure, and imagine if you had to go answer to him and Jeff Goldblum if you got in trouble. If it was me, I’d probably end up being sent to the office every day for my entire schooling career.

But that’s just talking about the male celebrities we’d like to have as our teachers. Let’s let the ladies have their time to shine, too.

Self-defense. Gal Gadot is known as Wonder Woman, but imagine walking into her self defense class in school and having to fight along side her. I’d be pretty distracted, so I probably wouldn’t even learn how to fight. I’d just let her tackle me.

French. Is Emilia Clarke good at French? Do we know? No, but does that change the fact that we’d want her as our French teacher? Not at all. She is really good at learning both Dothraki and High Valyrian lines for Game of Thrones, though.

Robotics. Evan Rachel Wood may play a robot in Westworld, but she is also super smart. I’m sure she could learn about robots, then come and teach us so we can all be in love with our teacher.

Woodshop. Tessa Thompson probably knows absolutely nothing about carpentry, but then again, that’s fine. I just want Tessa to be my teacher so we can be best friends and hang out when I don’t want to go to another class.

Here are Netflix’s original lists:

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What class would you make sure never to miss? Personally, I’d just stay in school all day, every day and never want to leave.