25 of the most memorable TV and movie siblings of all time

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Charlie and Raymond Babbitt – Rain Man

For a couple of brothers that didn’t even know the other existed, these two iconic siblings are forever etched in our collective memories. Raymond, especially. Dustin Hoffman won an Academy Award for his intensely poignant portrayal of Ray, an autistic savant and recipient of his late father’s multi-million dollar inheritance.

Tom Cruise plays his immature, brash, hustler of a brother Charlie, who never even knew Raymond existed. He returns home after his father’s death to learn his brother is the sole heir to their father’s fortune, save an antique car and a couple of rose bushes. Charlie, upon meeting Raymond and discovering his math and memory skills, immediately identifies him as a golden ticket and they head to Vegas.

At first, Charlie is impatient and abrupt with Raymond, losing his temper with his tics and quirks. Eventually, however, they form a bond that soothed some old wounds for them both. Charlie comes around, of course, and doesn’t bilk Ray for all his millions. Ray discovers there is now someone else in his world that he can trust and rely on.

The relationship between these two brothers was instantly connecting for both movie-goers and critics. Rain Man won the Oscar for Best Picture, Best Director, Best Writing, and Original Screenplay. The universal experience Raymond and Charlie made the film accessible and special to everyone.