25 of the most memorable TV and movie siblings of all time

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Will and Jonathan Byers – Stranger Things

These two are just the cutest. Bonded by their mutual weirdness, a daffy mother, and incredible supernatural influencers, the Byers brothers are siblings to admire. Thrust into extreme circumstances, these brothers’ priority was always to look out for each other. They had each others’ backs, even when their shared enemy was an interminable monster bent on devouring the Earth.

The first season of Stranger Things mostly used Will as a motivator for his brother’s valor. We didn’t really get to know Will, since he was sucked into the upside down pretty early on. What we did see was a sweet fondness between the two that demonstrated how one person can be another person’s safe place. Jonathan introduces Will to his favorite song, and it became important to rescuing Will later in the series.

In season two, with Will back in the picture and more fragile than ever, you see Jonathan blossom into a fierce protector. More than once, Jonathan risked his own life (as well as his love interest Nancy’s) to get to the bottom of Will’s torment. There were no ulterior motives, no plots to betray him, or self-intentions. Jonathan just wanted his little brother to be okay, and Will returned those sentiments tenfold. Part of what is so special about this show is the relationships between the young characters, but this particular dynamic provides the most proof that you need people in your corner.