5 crazy fast food creations that we can’t believe ever existed


The fast-food scene will always be filled with safe staples. But sometimes restaurants like to shake it up a bit and present their whackiest creations.

Fast food restaurants do a really great job of coming up with menu items that will leave you wondering “Just why?” Even though some fancy foodies might scoff at the idea of these greasy, colorful creations, they pull the masses in every single time. (Taco Bell, how do you make me try every one of your weird ideas?)

These viral marketing campaigns might be a little over-the-top, but that’s what makes them so fun. Check out five of the craziest fast food menu items out there.

1. Starbucks’ Unicorn Frappuccino

Who else could forget the Unicornpocalypse week of 2017 that was caused by coffehouse giant Starbucks. The neon nightmare drink had a mango flavor with a sour twist. As most things go, some loved it; some hated it. Starbucks offered the drink starting on a Wednesday, and this writer tried so long to avoid the hype while hoards of friends went to Instagram their aesthetically perfect drinks. By the time I gave in, it was that Saturday when I went to order the frappuccino. To my dismay, an employee told me that they were all out of ingredients. Was I saved from trying a terrible creation, or did I miss out on something completely epic? I may never know.

È arrivata una soffice dolcezza a cui non saprete resistere. Provate subito Sweety con Nutella: morbido pane con un cuore di cremosa golosità!

Posted by McDonald's on Thursday, November 10, 2016

2. McDonald’s Nutella Burger

Nutella may be the best out of all deliciously wonderful spreads. That being said, maybe it should only be used sparingly. At McDonald’s restaurants in Italy, the “Sweety with Nutella” burger was featured on menus in late 2016. This burger isn’t so complicated. It’s a bun. And it’s filled with Nutella on the inside. While there’s nothing completely wrong with the invention, it just seems weird to go out to a McDonald’s all to order Nutella on a bun. Just buy some bread and Nutella at home and save yourself the hassle.

Taco Bell’s Naked Egg Taco. Photo courtesy of Taco Bell Newsroom.

3. Taco Bell’s Naked Egg Taco

Honestly, Taco Bell could dominate a list of crazy food inventions: the Naked Chicken Taco, their Nacho fries, Chicken Nachos, etc., etc. But the Naked Egg Taco is a glory to behold. On the outside, a fried egg acts as the shell, and it’s filled with potatoes, cheese and bacon bits. There’s nothing too wild about the ingredients; it’s just the way it’s presented. I willingly did not buy this, but I got to taste it thanks to a brave co-worker. I’ll admit, it was pretty good… if you don’t mind blotting the unsettling amount of grease that oozes from it.

4. Dunkin Donuts Fries

There’s a special incentive that comes with living in the Boston area. And no, that’s not getting to brag about the Patriots. Enough, already. We’re talking about getting to be Dunkin Donuts’ test subject for a wild item: donut fries. Are they donuts, or are they fries? Well, they’re just donuts that are shaped like fries and sprinkled in sugar. I mean it is sort of innovative for Dunkin Donuts. While some may love the concept, it just reminds us of tiny churros. If the item does well, it might roll out on menus nationally. Don’t mess this up for us, Boston.

Do You Dare? BURGER KING® Restaurants and the CHEETOS® Brand Introduce Flamin’ Hot® Mac n’ Cheetos™ (Photo: Business Wire).

5. Burger King’s Flamin’ Hot Mac N Cheetos

With a name like Flamin’ Hot® Mac n’ Cheetos™, you just have to add in all the trademark symbols because it knows it’s an icon. These guys are basically Flamin’ Hot Cheetos stuffed with macaroni and cheese. Except, I’m having a hard time trying to understand why this was introduced in the first place. Who would tamper with the precious, comforting nature of mac and cheese? It’s perfect as it is, so why bother reeling it into one of your careless marketing schemes, Burger King? Okay, that outburst was uncalled for. I take it back; you can have your Mac n’ Cheetos™.

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Feeling hungry or a little queasy? We do just have one last question: who comes up with this stuff? We’d just like to talk to them.