Marc Jacobs pulls out all the stops and proposes to boyfriend at Chipotle


Fashion designer Marc Jacobs surprised his boyfriend, Charly Defrancesco, with a flash mob dance crew at Chipotle. It made for one great proposal and birthday for Defrancesco.

You know the feeling when you go to Chipotle and you walk away knowing you didn’t get charged for guac? Well, Charly Defrancesco, boyfriend to Marc Jacobs, might be able to one-up that.

On social media Thursday, the two shared posts from Chipotle of a flash mob dance crew that Jacobs arranged. At the end of the dance, Jacobs got down on one knee to pop the question and propose to Defrancesco. Yes, a marriage proposal at Chipotle.

That means the two probably love Chipotle more than the “Oh my god, I love Chipotle” kid. And that’s a hard love to beat.

In the video, everyone in the restaurant danced around to Prince’s “Kiss,” including the Chipotle staff. Jacobs wrote on Twitter, “And this happened… ‘Charly Defrancesco will you marry me’?”

“THANK YOU everyone for making this happen… And to my Ride or Die fiancé @CharDefrancesco I LOVE YOU.”

Defrancesco, a model and apparently also a candlemaker, posted the same video to his Instagram saying “GET READY FOR THE ALL TIME GAG!!!!! Thank you to everyone who helped make this happen.”

This comes just after the designer shared a meme-tastic photo wishing Defrancesco a happy birthday. Talk about a huge surprise. A birthday, an engagement and Chipotle. #RelationshipGoals.

People on Twitter were overjoyed to hear the good news, and even the official Chipotle Twitter account sent a few tweets to wish the happy couple a congratulations.

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Maybe having Chipotle cater at their wedding won’t be the best idea. (Unless there are tons of Tums on hand for the guests. . . just in case.) But best wishes to the newly engaged couple!