15 online stores to launch your spring wardrobe

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Dôen Collective

Dôen was launched a few years ago by two sisters, Margaret and Katherine Kleveland. Both, being now mothers, decided they wanted to create an environment that supported working mothers and families. The Dôen Collective is made up of a group of talented woman who each bring something different to the company, even if that something is just investment.

The Kleveland sisters were raised in Santa Barbara and love the vintage style of 1970’s California. Their clothes are so soft that it feels like you’re not wearing anything at all. Though they produce some pretty fabulous knitwear, spring and summer are their top seasons. Their Spring 2018 line is their most extensive to date, consisting of sheer cotton dresses, Victorian style necklines, and espadrilles. Who knew espadrilles were back in fashion? Well, if Dôen says they are, then they must be.

Favorites for Spring ’18

The Georgia Dress: The Georgia dress is an upgrade from their best-selling top, the Albertine. It has a high neckline, similar to one from a Victorian romance novel. A mini dress, such as this, with its long sleeves, is perfect for a spring day when the summer heat hasn’t ruined the temperature yet.

Velvet Mary Janes: Dôen has one of the most beautiful collections of Mary Jane slippers. This season they have their staple black velvet Mary Jane but also added the colors gold, rust, and desert rose.

The Valle Top: Dôen thrives when it comes to blouses. Their staple Jane Blouse is always sold out. This season they launched several new tops, but a favorite is the Valle top. It has a square neckline, trimmed in lace, with embroidered detailing down the front, and a ribbon to wrap around your waste. The blouse reflects something out of the Edwardian era, an item you’d see on season one of Peaky Blinders.