5 major reasons why we love Robert Downey Jr.


Robert Downey Jr. is celebrating his birthday and what better way to join in than discuss the top five reasons we love him as much as we do!

Robert Downey Jr. has stolen all our hearts many times due to his acting and amazing charm. I first saw him in Pick Up Artist with Molly Ringwald and have been obsessed ever since. Given Downey and I both share a birthday, what better way to celebrate it than talk about the top five reasons that we love Robert Downey Jr.?

He’s an amazing actor

Unless you’ve been living under a rock since 1980, you know the serious transformation Robert Downey Jr. has been through. He started off playing many uncredited roles, but that all changed after Weird Science in 1985. Since then, he’s proven he can showcase the sarcastic-yet-charming character Tony Stark down to the dramatics of the iconic Charlie Chaplin. He’s an amazing actor, and I cannot wait to see what else he puts out.

He’s super hilarious

No matter if it’s on screen or off, Robert Downey Jr. makes sarcastic and hilarious comments as much as possible. He could be posing ridiculously in a Tigger onesie for Instagram or making everyone crack up in an interview. Whatever this glorious man is doing, he always seems to make it funny.

He helps kids any way he can

The Sherlock Holmes star uses his fame to support amazing causes as much as possible. Being known as one of the most popular superheroes, Robert Downey Jr. is able to make many children’s dreams come true. He and his wife Susan have created the Random Act Funding organization to promote kindness and distribute financial support to those who need it. Robert Downey Jr. has met with Aaron Hunter, a young boy who has ROHHAD syndrome, for example, to help Aaron and those like him to make a difference.

He’s a wonderful singer

While many people say they can sing, Robert Downey Jr. actually can! He has several successful musical ventures including his own album titled The Futurist that was released in 2004. The Avengers star has a calming voice that is a bit surprising when you first hear it.

He’s just downright gorgeous

I have had a crush on Robert Downey Jr. for a long time (who hasn’t?). While everything he does is amazing, we can’t help but love him because of his expressive eyes and bright smile. He only gets better with age and that is a rare thing!

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Robert Downey Jr. is an amazing person and excellent actor. I hope he has an amazing birthday and maybe someday we can have a birthday blowout together. (Robert, hit me up, man!) But in the meantime, happy birthday, Robert!