25 things you didn’t know about your favorite rom-coms

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Crazy, Stupid, Love: An adulterer bears the scarlet A

A lot of the fun trivia items throughout this list were things that were intentionally included in these movies by the filmmakers. Some were a witty nod to the source material, while others referenced the stars of the film. But in Crazy, Stupid, Love, it might have been completely unintentional.

In the movie, Robbie’s class is studying the book The Scarlet Letter. Robbie is a teenage boy who’s in love with his babysitter, Jessica. At one point, he texts Jessica saying “Demi Moore is 15 years older than Ashton Kutcher. They seem happy together.”

Coincidentally, in real life, Demi Moore once starred in a movie adaptation of The Scarlet Letter! Another star of Crazy, Stupid, Love also has a connection to this piece of literature. The Scarlet Letter is the basis for Emma Stone’s movie Easy A.

In that movie, Emma plays Olive, a student who lies about her promiscuity to help out some friends, and it spirals out of control. At one point, Olive sews a red “A” to all of her clothes to fuel the rumors that she’s the school trollop, inspired by the book they’re reading in English class.

Like a lot of other movies on this list, many of the stars have worked together before. Ryan Gosling and Stone also appeared together in Gangster Squad and, of course, La La Land. Steve Carell and Stone were in Battle of the Sexes together. And Carell, Marisa Tomei and Ryan all appeared in The Big Short.