Star Wars Episode IX: 5 dream teams we need to see


With just one film left in the Star Wars sequel trilogy, we need to see these five team-ups in Episode IX. Otherwise, we’ll be a bit disappointed.

Star Wars has a lot to do in Episode IX. That’s really an understatement. However, we know that at least one thing can be checked off the list. Per John Boyega himself, Rey and Finn will get to work together again after spending most of The Last Jedi apart.

In the spirit of that piece of news, we’ve come up with five teams that we need to see — or at least five interactions, since one might not really qualify as a team-up.

Poe and Rey

Can you imagine Poe and Rey flying in combat together, with Rey handling the Millennium Falcon and Poe in his X-Wing? Do we need anything else from these two? Well, okay, yes, we do, just because they don’t actually meet until the end of The Last Jedi. Poe and Rey have a lot to catch up on.

Besides, Poe, Rey and BB-8 in a scene together is a recipe for cuteness. All three of them are cute by themselves, but then you put them together, and the cuteness is just exponentially higher. We don’t make these rules.

Rey and Kylo Ren

This one is practically inevitable.

If we need to say more than that, then let us merely say that the easiest way to have a grand trilogy-ending lightsaber battle is to pit Rey (presumably with a new lightsaber) against Kylo Ren (using his same lightsaber).

At the very least, we could probably get new memes like the one that cropped up around the throne room fight from The Last Jedi

Luke and Yoda

Kylo Ren needs to be trolled. This is not actually up for debate.

Who better to troll him than his uncle and one of his uncle’s teachers? Can we really say that giving Yoda the chance to be one of the few beings that has to deal with three generations of Skywalkers would not be great? Would it not be somehow both hilarious and very pointed?

Okay, there’s probably no way to top the sacred texts, which has already become a minor meme, but Yoda casually commenting on Kylo’s ridiculous lightsaber sounds like a good time.

Rose and Rey

Rose and Rey have a lot to talk about, including how much adventuring they could get up to. As long as Episode IX avoids a strange jealousy subplot over Finn, these two could easily combine humor and adventure. Perhaps even a little tension, depending on what happens with Rey specifically in the film.

While positive female relationships are at least more common in Star WarsThe Last Jedi really does a lot with a little when it comes to both Rose and Paige as well as Amilyn Holdo and Leia. To give these two significant screentime where they work together for the Resistance would represent a significant step forward.

Leia and Rey

Okay, this one probably won’t happen, because now that Colin Trevorrow’s no longer on Episode IX, it seems unwise to take the statements that Carrie Fisher wouldn’t appear posthumously in the film as absolute fact. Frankly, a Leia appearance in Episode IX might just be possible after films like Rogue One showed how far technology has come. I’ve theorized before that Rey and Leia were supposed to have had a connection after the symbolism of The Last Jedi. That hasn’t changed.

Moreover, it would just be nice to have Leia finish out the sequel trilogy as the last surviving (in-universe) member of the trio that started it all way back in 1977.

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Who do you want to see work together in Episode IX?