Will Voldemort appear in the Fantastic Beasts movies?


The Fantastic Beasts movies open up the chance to bring in favorites in the Harry Potter world when they were younger. Will Voldemort be one of those characters?

When the Fantastic Beasts movies were confirmed, it was a lot of fun for fans of the original books and the movie adaptations. There was a chance to see some of the teachers and other members of staff when they were younger. While we know Albus Dumbledore will appear, there are other characters that we’re curious about. One of those is Voldemort.

The five books aren’t just to tell the story of Newt Scamander, but also to tell the story of the rise and fall of Grindelwald. Voldemort—or Tom Riddle, as he was known while as Hogwarts—could play a role in that, albeit a small one. With the timeline of the five movies, which are supposed to end shortly after World War II, there is the chance that we will see a young Voldermort attend school. We may also see Dumbledore’s search and the inclusion of him in the school.

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A young Voldemort / Tom Riddle

Tom Riddle first attended the school in 1938. This could be the setting for the third movie and we could see his character grow from that point. While we already know a little about him—he was the one who got Hagrid expelled, hinting that we could also see a young Hagrid in the Fantastic Beasts series—we don’t know too much. The movies will give Rowling a chance to explore her evil character further.

There’s also the chance that we’ll see Riddle create his own Horcrux in the Fantastic Beasts movies. This happened in 1943, which was two years before Dumbledore defeated Grindelwald in a duel, took the Elder Wand, and arranged for Grindelwald to be sent to Nurmengard Prison.

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It would make sense to see Riddle for another reason. In the Harry Potter franchise, Voldermort broke into Nurmengard Prison and killed Grindelwald in an attempt to steal the Elder Wand. That means he knows about the wand, so would have likely seen Grindelwald at some point. We need to see that meeting of sorts.

Rowling still hasn’t confirmed everything that will happen in the five Fantastic Beasts movies. Nobody knows the future, but there is the chance we’ll see a young Voldemort.

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What do you think? Will we see Voldemort pop up at some point int eh series? If so, how do you think he will appear? Drop a comment below with your thought.

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