Will Professor McGonagall be in the Fantastic Beasts movies?


Fantastic Beasts may be set in Harry Potter’s universe, but will all the characters make their way into the prequel movies? What about Professor McGonagall?

When fans learned that the Harry Potter textbook, “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them,” was being turned into a five-movie series. Questions were raised about what this would mean for the return of some our favorite characters. Albus Dumbledore will be in the second movie, but what about some of the other important members of staff?

The biggest question is over Professor McGonagall. Will she appear in any of the movies, especially if we see Dumbledore move from Transfiguration professor to headmaster?

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Unfortunately, don’t expect to see her. Unless something is changed to the planned timeline she won’t be making an appearance, McGonagall’s arrival at Hogwarts is 10 years later than the planned fifth movie. The five Fantastic Beasts movies are supposed to take us through the wartime, linking Germany’s rise and fall throughout Europe with Grindelwald’s rise and fall in the magical world.

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The story of Professor McGonagall

Many may not realize, but McGonagall wasn’t born until 1935. She joined Hogwarts when she was 21, as Dumbledore became the headmaster. For Fantastic Beasts to introduced McGonagall early, her timeline would need to be changed. It’s unlikely that J.K. Rowling would change something for the sake of bringing a beloved teacher in early.

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But didn’t McGonagall attend Hogwarts? Well, yes, but the Harry Potter Wiki states she attended between 1947 and 1954. That’s still a year or so after the plan for the fifth book. What we may see is McGonagall attending the school on the first day—the sorting hat took 5 ½ minutes to decide her house, making her what is known as a Hatstall—but that will depend just how far after the war the Fantastic Beasts movies cover.

There are high chances that we won’t see Professor McGonagall in the Fantastic Beasts series, but maybe another prequel spin-off will be in order. After all, she’s certainly a witch I’d like to learn more about.

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What do you think? Will we see Professor McGonagall at all in the Fantastic Beasts movies? If so, in what way do you think we will see her? Leave a comment below with your thoughts.

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