The Harry Potter’s that share their name with The Boy Who Lived!


Meet the real-life Harry Potters!

It must be a strange thing to share a name with someone who is widely well known. To go about your everyday normal lives, attending appointments, job interviews and dates, only to have to introduce yourself and have the person opposite you think you are pulling their leg.

Think about it. Your friend sets you up on a blind date. You spend hours, or maybe minutes, getting yourself ready. Making sure you look presentable. Your confidence is pumping; you have a good feeling that tonight is going to go well. You approach your date, in awe of how lucky you are for being set up with this person opposite you and then you introduce yourself.

“Hi, I’m Luke Skywalker!”

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Boom, instantly off on the wrong foot. Unless your date is a huge Star Wars fan or has a thing for Mark Hamill. You now need to explain why you have introduced yourself as Luke Skywalker. That it is not a prank or your parents were evil. You just happen, through no fault of anyone, share the same name as a very famous Jedi.

The real-life Harry Potters!

Well, people like that exist everywhere. Some are luckier than others. They may share a name with someone that only a handful of people will know. Then there is the real-life Harry Potters.

Image Credit: Courtesy of Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc

Probably the one name that everyone in the world will have heard of. If they haven’t heard of it, they probably know of someone who has. Imagine that, sharing the same name with the boy wizard.

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Now I don’t know about you, but I would probably change my name. I am huge Potterhead but I am not going around introducing myself as Harry Potter. That is where I draw the line.

But there are people out there who have the name. From a University student to a fitness buff, to a criminal defense attorney/legal historian/ordained priest. Harry Potter’s are amongst us, living normal lives, with probably the most famous name on the planet.

It’s a strange thing to think about but of course, there are people out there called Harry Potter. Why wouldn’t there be? J.K. Rowling didn’t claim the name after writing the first book and before the books, Harry Potter was just an everyday name.

But it is a fun thing to think that one day, you could potentially find yourself on the wrong side of the law and Harry Potter is standing next to you, arguing on your behalf.

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What do you think about the real-life Harry Potter’s? Did you ever consider until now that there are people out there sharing the name as the boy wizard? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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