A Series of Unfortunate Events brings Dolores Umbridge in her school years


Dolores Umbridge may be the most hated Harry Potter character of all time, but one fan has spotted a fun connection to A Series of Unfortunate Events.

Okay, I will start this by saying that Netflix’s A Series of Unfortunate Events has nothing at all to do with Harry Potter. However, there is one small moment with the introduction of a certain new character that got one fan excited.

Yes, this is all about Carmelita Spats, who was brought into the Netflix series for Season 2. The tap-dancing brat is absolutely horrible as a character, but Kitana Turnbull is certainly a promising young actress. In one clip, she delivers a special message to the Baudelaires and Turnbull throws herself into the character perfectly.

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Dolores Umbridge in A Series of Unfortunate Events

But what does this have to do with Harry Potter? Well, it’s the pink cheerleading outfit and the attitude to boot. It’s easy to imagine that this could be Dolores Umbridge when she was a teenager at Hogwarts. She likely conspired with the Slytherin teachers to work against the kindest and sometimes the most naive of students.

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Maybe the tap dancing wouldn’t fit, but we just don’t know much about Umbridge before she came in as a teacher at the school. Maybe she attempted to dance but was ridiculed by others for her lack of ability and that led to her awful, bullying attitude towards others.

It also certainly helps that Netflix’s A Series of Unfortunate Events is set within a boarding school. Count Olaf is certainly enough of a Voldemort (or maybe a Snape from an alternate reality), while the Baudelaires are very much like Harry Potter. They have their own people around them, butting heads continually.

Turnbull is credited for all eight episodes of A Series of Unfortunate Events. If Harry Potter ever decided to do a prequel series with a younger Umbridge, she needs to be cast in that role.

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