Do we need a Severus Snape Harry Potter prequel movie series?


The Fantastic Beasts movies may be a prequel to Harry Potter series, but should we have specific character prequels from the original series? Like Severus Snape.

While Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them was fun, part of it didn’t feel like a prequel to Harry Potter. There was the odd character name that we recognized, but it’s actually only going to be the second movie that starts bringing more familiar characters in.

One of those is Albus Dumbledore. While we love him, there’s another teacher and headmaster at Hogwarts that Harry Potter fans might like to learn more about.

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That character is Severus Snape.

Played by the late, great Alan Rickman, Snape was the epitome of grey characters. He seemed evil, as if he hated Harry for just being alive, but there was a deeper story. We learned through the odd story and memories that Snape hated James (for some very good reasons) but loved Lily. That love was so strong that, even though Harry reminded Snape of James, Snape would always protect the boy.

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But it wasn’t just that.

We also saw how Snape started as a Death Eater and turned spy for Dumbledore. He realized everything Voldemort was doing was wrong, and while we got an inkling, we never fully understood how he came to this. At what point did he turn to Dumbledore with confessions of guilt and love? How did he approach him? What happened after?

A prequel movie, a little like the upcoming Han Solo prequel, could be everything needed to finally get rid of some of those niggling questions about Snape’s character. It could be a chance to make us feel more than we already do (and we certainly have a lot of love for this dark, conflicted character). The downside, however, is we’d likely come to dislike James Potter, Sirius Black, and Remus Lupin.

If this did happen it could then end with Harry walking into the Great Hall on his first day of school, with Snape confessing to someone (maybe Dumbledore) about how hard this will be for him. Of course, that would be extremely difficult, since only Rickman can be the adult version of Snape. Maybe just a clip from the original Harry Potter movie would be just what was needed to round out the story.

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Would you like to see a Severus Snape movie as a prequel to Harry Potter? Who would you like to see a movie about? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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