Maybe don’t say Hogwarts was the most well protected school


A conservative paper took to Twitter to share an article stating that Hogwarts was the most protected school to share their stance on gun control. And maybe don’t…

The idea that Hogwarts was “armed to the freaking teeth” is idiotic. First, let’s break down that statement. It was ‘armed’ because the students were taught defense using their wands. It was a school for magic so yes, their wands were also their weapons.

If you use that argument, we’re taught some defense stuff in gym (boxing or wrestling or what have you) and you could say that high schools are then ‘armed to the teeth’. More than that, hundreds of people still died at Hogwarts despite it being ‘armed to the teeth’ so whatever your argument is is flawed.

This is all stemming from the fact that a conservative site published an article insinuating that we should take Hogwarts approach to gun control. Yes, I laughed out loud while writing that statement. Since, you know, guns are not part of the Harry Potter universe.

As you can see, this girl basically thought about the fact that all Hogwarts had to do was some magic to protect the school. Funny that she forgot that Fred Weasley gave his life as well as Snape and Lupin and Tonks and hundreds of students.

She forgets that even in this fictional place, people still died due to the violence. So to state that it is ‘worth remembering’ is idiotic. But more than that, if you actually read the article, she talks more about how Harry isn’t a figure for this current age because of the wands.

You know, the things they use for magic. It’s not like we have to use a gun in school to learn.

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Do you think this argument holds up? Personally, it is a dumb way to garner attention to a terrible article. But then again, it has fans everywhere talking about it. Not in a positive light but still. We’re talking.