Harry Potter is the inspiration for the Parkland generation


Harry Potter taught people not just that good triumphs over evil, but that you can stand up against people in power and you should have the courage to do the right thing.

If there’s anything to learn from the Parkland generation, it’s that Harry Potter has been an inspiration. The majority of those protesting recently likely read the novels and watched the movies. Many of them will have some of the merchandise and may be planning a trip to travel on the real Hogwarts Express or take a trip to the Harry Potter theme parks.

While the wizarding world didn’t deal with gun violence, it did deal with politicians not listening to the young. It dealt with those in a position of authority believing they were doing the right thing, despite everything that was actually happening in the shadows. The boys and girls at Hogwarts stood by each other, building Dumbledore’s Army and developing their tactics to take matters into their own hands. They stood up against the oppressors and those showing resistance against making changes.

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Parkland generation & Harry Potter

In fact, the Parkland generation even referred to Rick Scott as Voldemort. They view him as the Dark Lord, the One Who Should Not Be Named. He’s the big bad of the whole situation and the one they need to take down.

There’s also the fact that the Parkland generation is marching for disarmament. They want to change that will keep them safe, getting rid of the item that is causing so much hurt and pain right now. It’s the one thing many in Dumbledore’s Army (and those outside the official army who stood by them) initially wanted to do against the Death Eaters. They would use the disarmament spell, Expelliarmus, to remove the direct threat of the wand.

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This is a generation that got to read all the books one after another (you didn’t have to wait for seven years like some of us to find out all the steps between Voldemort’s return in “Goblet of Fire” and his death in “Deathly Hallows”), which helped to develop more understanding within the story. It helped to find the true messages behind the funky names and wizard duels; the message that you can stand up to authorities and encourage change.

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While you may laugh, Harry Potter has done a lot of good in the world and inspiring peaceful protests for change is one of them.

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