Boston College uses their Harry Potter-style setting to their advantage


If you ever felt disappointed in not receiving your letter to Hogwarts, this Boston College acceptance video will make you want to apply.

Many Harry Potter fans felt extremely disappointed when they didn’t get their acceptance letter for Hogwarts. Boston College has rectified that for all those accepted into college this year. The minds behind the acceptance letters opted for a video that would showcase some of the more magical elements of the school.

Boston College being the first certainly makes sense and you’ll see why in the video. One of the most prominent parts of the college used in the video is the Bapst Library, which is known as “the Harry Potter library” by those on campus. So, the library doesn’t actually have the floating candles, but it gives you more of that Potter feeling when you watch the video.

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Throughout the video, students are dressed in the wizarding robes and working by candlelight. The Boston College paper is used to welcome the Class of 2020, looking like the moving newspapers in Harry’s world. Even the aerial shot of the school makes you think initially that you’re at Hogwarts.

Unfortunately, it isn’t going to be delivered by owl (or hand-delivered by Hagrid, if you are Harry Potter and live under the stairs). However, the video is certainly a fun way to build on the setting of the college and keep up to date with the current world of pop culture.

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No Potterhead will need to wait for the glossy brochure or trip around the school after seeing this acceptance video. You’ll want to attend, no matter what!

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