Harry Potter Butterbeer hair trend is on the rise!


You can get Butterbeer hair and it’s not as crazy as it initially sounds!

Hair trends are always changing. They develop based on favorite characters with different styles, current society expectations, and personality styles meshing together. One trend that is currently on the rise is because of the Harry Potter fandom. Fans were going for the Butterbeer hair.

No, this isn’t about washing your hair with butter and beer, although there are trends out there that involve both. It’s all about coloring your hair in a specific style.

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The best news is that this hair trend isn’t even that crazy. It’s basically the auburn hair trend, but renamed for the Harry Potter fandom. Fans are using a mixture of warm and bright colors to make their hair stand out.

The trend began due to colorist Chris Mears. He wanted his new style to stand out from all other trends, embracing the warm colors, while everyone else is currently focused on cooler or ashy tones. After creating the hairstyle on one client, he took photos and shared it on Instagram. He’s now entered it into the One Shot Hair Awards, but it’s already caught on with other Harry Potter fans.

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You can go as bright and colorful as you want to take advantage of the new trends. Some clients have opted for subtler shades to still get their Butterbeer hair without making heads turn, especially if they’re in professional workspaces. You may even find you already have the subtler look! Others have opted to add yellows and even purple, bringing witchcraft to life in their locks.

In a world where bright and bold colors are now seemingly in fashion, it’s not surprising that fandoms are taking over.

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Will you take up the Butterbeer hair? Do you already have it without even meaning to? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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