50 influential fictional women in nerd history

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Jyn Erso

Without her, we wouldn’t have any of the Star Wars franchise. Jyn Erso, the star of Rogue One, is a character that could be described as one-note, but she also has a subtle complexity about her that is hard to convey. She isn’t going to show emotions or smile, because she’s fighting in a rebellion and trying to find her father in a dark galaxy.

Jyn, the daughter of the man who made the Death Star, is trying to help the rebellion despite how the rebels want her to react. Lucky for her, she ends up teamed up with Cassian Andor, who helps her get the plans even if it means their deaths.

The greatest part of Rogue One is that Jyn doesn’t really change who she is throughout it all. She’s a fighter, and she fights to the very end. Even though everyone tells her she’s rough and hard to be around, Jyn doesn’t really soften because she has a job to do and has to remain strong to get it done.

There is just something so powerful about Rogue One but especially Jyn Erso. There’s no reason she should fight like she does, but she does it for the rebellion, and it is inspirational.