50 influential fictional women in nerd history

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Amy Pond

Now Amy Pond definitely falls under the category of “companion who is meant to be hot” on Doctor Who, but there is a very special aspect of Amelia that makes her great for fans everywhere. Most nerd girls are what you would politely refer to as fangirls.

We know everything about actors and their characters. We write fanfiction. It’s a whole thing. So when Amy Pond, at least in that first season she was in, seemed to have posters and dolls dedicated to the Doctor, we felt seen in a weird way.

Amy was ‘n love with the Doctor the same way a fangirl is with an actor. It is a love that you can’t really explain, and you just kind of obsess over it. To see Amy going through those same things made her extremely relatable.

Then of course she had Rory Williams and became best friends with the Doctor, but still, that first season really helped show fangirls everywhere that we could be represented. Now we need a better representation, but it is still amazing to look to Amy Pond and know that for a brief moment, she was like the rest of us. And she did it all in a miniskirt.