50 influential fictional women in nerd history

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Sansa Stark

For a long while, everyone seemed to hate Sansa Stark, and maybe it’s because she was one of the first characters to represent a very specific kind of woman. The problem with representation in films and television is that many of these girls are awesome warriors or super intelligent, but they don’t represent the everyday woman.

Sansa is more that that. She has emotions that we’ve all experienced. She goes through so many hardships and still remains strong, but yet she has moments of weakness. We can relate to Sansa in this very weird way because she reacts to situations in a way we all would too.

I personally think that’s why a lot of people do not like Sansa. In this world of fantastic people and beings, she is someone we could know in real life. In all of Westeros, Sansa would be us. So when we see her reacting to things how we probably would, we label her negatively.

To me, I think Sansa has a bad name exclusively because people want to assume they are Arya. They want to be the fighter, the one who would jump at the chance to defend their family, but most of us are Sansa: strong but still human.