50 influential fictional women in nerd history

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Arya Stark

We can’t all be Arya Stark. We all want to be Arya, but we can’t. She is a fighter. Her family is gone, and she has to grow up relatively quickly, but she always remains a spitfire. Arya could have easily given up, let them take her, and stopped looking for her family.

Instead, she used the skills her brothers taught her and fought her way back to the Starks. She was too late to see Robb and her mother, but she didn’t give up. There is something so incredible about the Stark family on Game of Thrones, but Arya, in particular, has to grow up so fast.

Often, we see kids either growing up fast on television or being coddled (especially girls), but Arya learns quickly what she has to do to survive and does whatever is necessary to help her family. She shows us that dedication to something you love can truly work out in your favor.

Granted, Arya doesn’t have the best life, but she still manages to find her sister. She even stays true to herself in trying to reconnect with the remaining Stark siblings, because if Arya teaches us anything, it is that your family is important and can help you survive.