20 TV shows to binge if you’re a fashion fanatic

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Peaky Blinders (Costume designer: Stephanie Collie)

Look closely at the blouse paired with the classic Levi’s jeans on your favorite fashion blog. Its lace detailing and sheer fabrics are reminiscent of the early 1900s. 

Before watching Peaky Blinders, who would have realized that the 20-something barista serving me coffee has taken nods from the well-dressed gangsters of the ’10s and ’20s for his hair product usage — and the styling to go with it?

The fashion on display in the show is obsession-worthy. Button detailing on square-cut neck-lines, long fringe dresses with Mary Jane heels, even the men’s collarless shirts are perfect for your Pinterest inspiration boards.

Can we talk about the vests for a minute, too? The vest work in this show is beyond even most period shows. It’s almost as if the costume department got a deal on them and just threw vests into the air for all of the characters to catch. Okay, it’s probably a bit more complex than that, because they are well-fitted.

To be clear, though, that’s not a complaint. Finding a good vest is something any clothing lover covets.