20 TV shows to binge if you’re a fashion fanatic

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Poldark (Costume designer: Howard Burden)

Poldark is another win for Masterpiece Theater. Set in Cornwall, England during the 1780s, the fashion consists mostly of wool knits, muslin shirts and understated 18th century dresses. Even the well-off families dress modestly compared to their equals who live in London society.  

Cornwall is historically a mining town, and therefore even the elite made their fortunes off the backs of hard labor. The show is actually shot in Cornwall which is known for its wild, natural landscapes, and this most certainly rubs off on the costumes.

Poldark makes our list because of the brilliant use of color palettes to match each character’s identity. Every fashionista knows that an outfit can be ruined by mixing the wrong shades together. It seems that costume designer Howard Burden starts with the color and tone palette and then builds a character’s closet from there. Since this story takes place in a time when closets weren’t as extensive as ours today, Burden creates staple outfits for each character. In season 3 Demelza, a now-upper class woman who still works hard on the farm, frequently wears the same straw hat.