20 TV shows to binge if you’re a fashion fanatic

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Love (Costume designer: Jennifer Eve)

Sometimes the biggest outfit block can come when you just need to throw on some clothes and go to the store. Surely this has something to do with putting too much work into looking effortless, but whatever.  If this is where you’re getting stuck, then just pop on Netflix and watch Love

Costume designer Jennifer Eve has perfected the low-key hipster and vintage vibes of Echo Park.  The female lead, named Mickey, is a 20-something who’s too cool for school. Mickey’s effortless style is the subject of many Pinterest boards. Her outfit usually starts with a pair of jeans. She’ll occasionally don a cute dress or skirt, though once when she strayed from jeans it was for a pair of Fishermans’ overalls.  It seems that her other favorite clothing item is a classic, spaghetti string, tank top. The girl seriously knows how to dress for a chill afternoon, while still managing to look crazy hot.

Apparently Jennifer Eve tries to exclusively purchase low-cost wardrobe items for Mickey to ensure that the character is never wearing anything out of her budget. Pretty smart. If you want to read more about Jennifer Eve’s inspiration for Mickey, read Racked’s insight on the character.