Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD: When will Elena finally clue everyone in on the future?


Times are getting dire in Agents of SHIELD, and everything still points to the world ending. So when will Elena tell everyone what she saw?

Agents of SHIELD seems doomed to fail at this point. Every plot point seems to fixate more on Daisy quaking the world apart and humanity getting shoved into the Lighthouse to float around through space.

In last week’s episode, Fitz successfully removed Daisy’s inhibitor, returning her powers to full speed and causing a rift to form in her relationship with Fitz (which, can you blame her?). Which means … the world can definitely be quaked apart.

So then, why the heck hasn’t Elena spilled yet?

As a refresher, remember her entire conversation with her future self, the one Kasius tortured for 80 years. That’s where she learns the team fails to save the world because they’re too busy saving Coulson from dying.

Even though this version of Elena hasn’t been part of the “team meetings,” so to speak, she still knows from her future self that Coulson’s dying. She doesn’t need Mack to fill her in. And in this week’s episode, she mentions to Mack that she knows she makes it through, since she talked to herself.

But why wouldn’t she tell him more? If she can see the world racing towards its demise, what’s the harm in telling everyone, “Hey, my future self says we cause the world to explode because we’re too focused on Coulson, who really doesn’t seem to care he’s dying?”

You have to think that once she feels the room quake, she’ll know Daisy’s powers have returned. Maybe that’s the point that makes her break. Maybe she’s been holding out hope that even though everything’s going the same route, Daisy doesn’t have her powers back.

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But now that she does … maybe her conversation with Future Elena needs to be put out on the table for the SHIELD team to see. We’ll see what happens in the next episode!