Which classic Disney theme park rides could be next to go?


With the new additions of Marvel lands coming to several Disney Parks,  which classic Disney theme park rides are in trouble?

Disney theme parks are some of the most popular theme parks in the world. From Orlando to Paris and California to Hong Kong, Disney fans travel far and wide to experience the magical world of Disney. To keep fans engaged, Disney is always looking to expand and innovate. Unfortunately, those new rides can cause classic Disney theme park rides to say their goodbyes. Which classic Disney theme park rides could be next on the chopping block?

New Marvel land coming to Disney Parks. Photo from Disney Parks

Following the announcement that a new Marvel Super Heroes land is coming to Disneyland in California (similar Marvel lands are coming to Disneyland Paris and Hong Kong), classic rides like A Bug’s Land, based on the movie A Bug’s Life, will be closing to make way for the new Marvel themed area. While some young children may not be fans of this older Disney movie, the area had many fans. The small roller coaster was an entertaining ride for young guests who aren’t ready for huge thrills.

Unfortunately for some theme park fans, the demise of A Bug’s Land shows the ever growing trend to replace older, somewhat nostalgic rides with huge technologically advanced themed areas. Sure, a Marvel super hero land will draw huge amounts of guests. Still, the simplicity of A Bug’s Land has appeal. The area sparked imagination and exploration. Without all the simulators and projections, the kids had to play make believe, not become part of make believe. Sometimes, simplicity can create that endearing memory better than the huge show.

With the many changes happening throughout all the Disney Parks, does anyone else wonder what other classic Disney theme park rides could be on the chopping block?

One choice could Dinoland at Animal Kingdom. The old school carnival games are fun for the kids (and a cost-effective souvenir for parents). Still, the area is dated.

Animal Kingdom’s huge Pandora expansion last year has made the park more than a half-day destination. If Disney could transform Dinoland into something even more exciting, guests would have even more reason to stay longer in the park. While a specific Disney movie tie-in isn’t instantly apparent, a few updates to this area could keep guests entertained after their long waits at the Pandora rides.

At Epcot, the Journey into Imagination with Figment needs some Disney magic. While people still love Figment, the ride and storyline is extremely dated. Younger guests don’t get the references and older guests don’t really seem to care anymore. Truthfully, this area is a great place to cool off on a hot day. The lines are usually short, it is air conditioned and the kids can run around in the play area. Still, the area could offer much more.

Another ride at Epcot that could use a do-over is The Gran Fiesta in Mexico. While it is cute, Disney could easily transform this ride into a Coco themed experience. With a little music and theatrics, the ride could bring in lots of guests. Then, more people would go into the pyramid for the ride versus a stop at the tequila bar.

At Magic Kingdom, it can be more difficult to make a huge change. Since no one really liked the Stitch ride, no one really cared if left. Other rides hold more nostalgia. Even with the recent change to the Pirates of the Caribbean ride (both at Magic Kingdom and Disneyland), some people didn’t want changes to the red-dressed lady. Making room for new rides at this theme park is trickier. Even with the eagerly anticipated Tron ride, no one wants to see favorite rides go away. Some people are still sad that Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride doesn’t exist anymore.

Unlike the Star Wars Land and Toy Story Land expansions, Disney doesn’t have unlimited space to add these new areas. In order to bring in new experiences, some of the classic Disney theme park rides might have to go. Unless fans are vocal, both in their visits and opinions, the theme parks will have to make difficult decisions.

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Many people are excited about the new Marvel super hero lands coming to the Disney theme parks. Still, that expansion may come with a price.

What classic Disney theme park ride would you never want taken away? Have your voice heard and share your thoughts in the comments section.