Pottermore layoffs not linked with Johnny Depp and Fantastic Beasts 2


Many suspected that the Pottermore layoffs were linked to the casting of Johnny Depp in Fantastic Beasts 2, but the site says that definitely wasn’t the case.

Earlier this week, Pottermore confirmed that it had laid off a small number of staff members. The editorial staff was affected, but the site never confirmed why. The former staff members and some fans believed that Johnny Depp in Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald was responsible, but Pottermore has now stated that definitely wasn’t the case.

It’s easy to understand why the suspicions were there. One former staff member explained that writers had found it hard to create positive content when there was so much backlash around the casting of the actor.

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Reinfery29  reports that Pottermore states it was nothing to do with the casting, but to do with a change of direction. The site, which includes official canon from the Harry Potter world, is working with Warner Bros. and franchise partners on some new initiatives. That means a change to the digital experience and some staff members were no longer needed.

The official fansite hasn’t provided any other details.

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It’s likely that the change of direction is due to the changing world. With so many sites covering the news and fighting for a position, it’s become much harder to create unique content that people want to read. That means readers aren’t going to Pottermore as much as they used to. As it’s a free site, there is some reliance on ads and that means getting the viewers. If the content isn’t working, the site needs to look for other ways to draw people in and keep them on the site.

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What do you think about the changes happening at Pottermore? Do you think we could see the site returning to its roots? Leave a comment below with your thoughts.