Where can you stream the Harry Potter movies?


If you want to watch them on a regular basis or need a quick reminder before the latest Fantastic Beasts movie comes out, where can you stream the Harry Potter movies?

The Fantastic Beasts 2 trailer made it abundantly clear that those who live and breathe the Harry Potter movies will see little Easter eggs throughout the movie. So you’ll want to get caught up before November and that means streaming the Harry Potter movies.

The epic Harry Potter fans will likely have all the movies on DVD or Blu-Ray. After all, the DVDs don’t just give you the movies, but the behind-the-scenes footage and bonus features. There are special extras that will allow you to delve further into the wizarding world.

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But what if you don’t have your movies to hand? Or what if, like me, you’ve changed country and now need to buy the movies all over again—but need to spend your cash a little more effectively right now? Well, there is always the option to stream the Harry Potter movies.

You have limited streaming options

Annoyingly, the Harry Potter movies aren’t that easy to stream. They’re not available on Netflix or Hulu. However, you can get them on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon and even YouTube. You will need to go through Warner Movies On Demand.

From there, you can either rent or buy the movies to download to your devices. Keep them on your tablet and have them available whenever you’re on the move!

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HBO and more

If you don’t have a HBO account yet, now is the time to get one. All the movies are available through here, which is why they’re not available on Netflix or Hulu just yet.

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HBO is great for the U.S. fans (and possibly those in Canada), but what about the rest of the world? In the U.K., you can get all the movies through Sky’s Now TV. All eight Harry Potter movies are available.

It’s not entirely clear where you can stream around the rest of the world. Australia and New Zealand used to have access through Netflix, but the movies were supposedly removed a short while ago. The first four movies may still be on Netflix New Zealand.

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Where do you stream the Harry Potter movies? Do you prefer the DVDs? Share your thoughts in the comments below.