The Spice Girls are releasing an animated movie and we’re freaking out


Spice Girls fans have been waiting for another reunion for years now. Rumors surface every few months, but nothing ever happens. But now they’re officially reuniting — with a movie!

The legendary girl group the Spice Girls are reuniting on the big screen one more time. All five girls have signed off on their image being used for an animated superhero project. Girl power!

Not only will the characters share a likeness with the girls, but all of the members have even signed on to voice them! That’s right, Mel B, Mel C, Emma, Geri and even Victoria are going to be voicing animated superheroes who all have a unique superpower to reflect their personalities.

The Avengers who? The Spice Girls are the baddest superheroes in town now!

It was reported early Friday by Variety that the project is being shopped around to “potential production partners.” For once, we can actually say with certainty that this isn’t another reunion rumor.

Earlier this year, the internet exploded from an overload of girl power when all five Spice Girls made a rare appearance together. The girls all got together in London and posted a selfie, as old friends do. Rumors immediately swirled about a reunion tour — something that Posh and even Sporty were against in the past — and possibly new music.

Even though TMZ confirmed that all of the members signed contracts for their reunion tour, the girls have said there are no plans for a tour. No other tour news has surfaced since.

At least a movie is a step in the right direction!

The ladies debuted on the big screen in their 1997 film Spice World. The movie was a comedic dramatization of the lives of the Spice Girls and their struggles with fame. Of course, it was no Oscar winner and was critically panned, but it was an instant cult classic.

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There’s no word on when this untitled Spice Girls superhero movie is heading for production, but we already can’t wait. They’re “giving us everything” we want!