15 of the most interesting female monsters in fiction

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14. Evil dolls

On the surface of it, a doll seems like a pretty lame horror movie monster. Really, if you can move fast enough and put all of the sharp things in a high cabinet, you’re solid. But horror movies aren’t exactly realistic. They work like a delightfully bad dream. They’re like a nightmare that keeps going on without regard to standard logic. Instead, they operate on their own rules. In a world like that, you can easily be defeated by a child’s doll named Chucky.

Well, except Chucky isn’t invincible. He meets his match in Tiffany, his very own doll-sized girlfriend.

In life, Chucky was not exactly great boyfriend material. As a human, he was a serial killer named Charles Lee Ray. As a soul trapped in a child’s doll, he’s not much better.

Somehow, though, his girlfriend Tiffany (played by Jennifer Tilly) gets it in her head that she needs to take his remains, left over from Child’s Play 3. She engages in a magic ritual that reanimates her evil boyfriend. She hopes they’ll pick up right where they left off: an impending engagement. Never mind that Ray stole the diamond ring from a victim and never actually intended to pop the question.

Tiffany doesn’t take it well. Neither does Chucky, who is consigned to a playpen by a disappointed Tiffany. He dispatches his old girlfriend and then inexplicably consigns her soul to a nearby bride doll. Chucky means to make her feel what he’s been going through, but this just seems like a recipe for disaster.

It is for the pair, anyway. Of course, things end in ridiculous fashion and Tiffany bites it. But at least we get to see a truly weird and interesting female monster in the form of an evil doll.