Fantastic Beasts: What exactly is a Magizoologist?


Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you’ll have heard the term of Magizoologist in the world of Harry Potter. An important one appeared in Fantastic Beasts, but what is one?

If you ask any “Harry Potter” or “Fantastic Beasts” fan, they will know the term “Magizoologist.” In fact, they’ll even be able to name an important one. Yes, we’re talking about Newt Scamander.

The question for many, especially those new to the fandom, is what exactly is a Magizoologist? What type of wizard goes around with a niffler in his briefcase?

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A magical zoologist

The clue is in the name. Split it up into two (magi and zoologist) and you’ll get the basics of the title. This is a zoologist with a magical twist. In the real life, a zoologist studies animals and how to care for animals. In the magical world, the Magizoologist will care and study magical animals. It makes a lot more sense why Newt had a niffler throughout Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

Newt is one of the first known Magizoologists and wrote the text book that’s used for Hogwarts. The text book was also used as the name for the first Fantastic Beasts movie.

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A professor who teaches about magical creatures is often considered a Magizoologist. That means Hagrid is in this profession.

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It’s possible to further specialize

A “Magizoologist” tends to be a rather broad term. Many within this profession will further specialize. For example, there are dragonologists, those who specialize in winged horses, and even wizards who specialize in unicorns.

A student doesn’t need to graduate from Hogwarts (or another wizarding school) to become a Magizoologist. Newt was supposedly being expelled from the school, although it’s possible that the expulsion never happened. However, Hagrid never graduated yet was able to teach about the care of animals.

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