Black Lightning: The real superhero in the family is Lynn Pierce


In “The Book of Little Black Lies,” Jennifer freaks out after learning she has powers, and her mother is the one who handles the situation the best.

The most compelling thing about Black Lightning remains how it portrays family drama against the backdrop of a superhero life. In this series, family always comes first. With or without powers, they strive to put others’ needs before their own. Even in their civilian careers, they each give back: Lynn is a scientist, Jefferson is a principal and Anissa does a little of both.

As of last night, Jennifer officially learned the family secret and that she harnessed powers as well. Just like we expected, she didn’t react that well to know her family lied to her for several years. Worse, she felt afraid that having powers would affect her chance to have personal relationships or even kids. Once her older sister exposed the truth, Jennifer felt terrible and it was up to her mother to pick up the pieces.

Whether you’re an older or younger sister, it’s easy to side with either Jennifer or Anissa. Unfortunately, Anissa’s decision to tell Jennifer came from a more selfish place. She needed an ally and wanted someone to understand what she was going through. For this reason, Lynn rightfully scolded her for being so “reckless” and “disrespectful.”

Afterward, Lynn sits down with Jennifer to clear the air. Of course, Jennifer’s not that responsive at first. But once Lynn name drops both Vixen and Supergirl, she reminds us of her best power — she’s a mother who loves her children and her family.

She understands the dangers of the vigilante life. More importantly, she understands how unfair it would be to have powers and be forced into a life of saving others. She doesn’t pressure Jennifer to talk, make a choice or say anything to influence her in either direction. Instead, she offers support.

Well, until she gets tired of Jennifer giving her the silent treatment.

However, Lynn says her most powerful line of the episode to Jefferson. First, he promises he will do anything to protect the family. Then, Lynn asks, “Is that really a promise you can make?”

With that, she pretty much hints that death could probably come sooner or more painfully to anyone who chooses to wear a suit. Because of their powers and the ASA’s willingness to kill them, Lynn probably feels more isolated than ever.

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For all the danger and fear she wrestles with, she does so with poise and grace, demonstrating sometimes intellect, patience and communication are more powerful weapons than electricity.

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