Voldemort facts: How much do you really know about the Dark Lord?


Think you’re the biggest Harry Potter fan in the world and know everything about the wizarding world? You might want to test yourself on these Voldemort facts first.

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If you think “Harry Potter” is going to be your Mastermind specialist subject, you’ll want to brush up on a few Voldemort facts first. Pottermore has left us spinning yet again, as we realized we didn’t know as much about the world of “Harry Potter” as we once thought. Yes, even the biggest fans are learning something new with the latest article.

The piece goes through all the facts about the Dark Lord that are widely unknown. Think of obscure things about how “I am Lord Voldemort” is an anagram for Tom Riddle’s name in every single language. It really is possible! Or how you’re pronouncing Voldemort completely wrong (Psst! And so are the movies).

While the evil Death Eaters were celebrating their Dark Lord’s rises in power, they failed to realize just how sloppy and somewhat lazy he was. He was arrogant and somewhat dim-witted, especially when it came to the house-elves. Of course, we could never say that to his face considering the power and skill he did have.

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In fact, his vanity also got in the way of his success. His undoing came from very silly mistakes that with hindsight he would likely rectify. If he wasn’t as lazy, he might have thought carefully about his choice in Horcruxes, for example.

If you really want to test your Voldemort facts, you can check out the full article over at Pottermore. Honestly, there are things that even the epic fans wouldn’t have considered or known right away.

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What did you learn from Pottermore? What Voldemort facts did the article miss out that you often correct people on? Share your knowledge and findings below.