Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir dance their way onto Ellen


Canada’s figure skating darlings Tessa and Scott appeared on The Ellen Show. And no, they did not admit they are a couple.

The Canadian ice dancing pair took the world by storm during the Pyeongchang Olympics this past February, and they brought that same energy to The Ellen Show on Tuesday.

During the Olympics, viewers couldn’t believe the chemistry the two had and loved their sexy skating routines. Soon enough, it wasn’t just Canada admiring them anymore; it was the world.

The duo’s Moulin Rouge! routine captivated viewers and blew up on social media. The love and passion the two portrayed on the ice (especially for two people not in a relationship) were what caught everyone’s attention.

And their incredible skill earned them two Olympic gold medals and a baffling Olympic record-high score in what might have been their final Olympic competition.

It was truly a magical moment, to say the least. Their routine even got the seal of approval from Moulin Rouge! director Baz Luhrmann himself. Now that’s a big deal.

Ellen executive producer Ed Glavin made the big announcement on Twitter last week that the skating icons would finally make their much-anticipated appearance on the show.

Tessa and Scott’s loyal legion of social media fans had been campaigning for them to be guests on The Ellen Show ever since the winter games ended. They finally got their wish!

In typical Ellen fashion, the talk show host cut straight to the point and asked the burning question we all wanted to hear: “Are you a couple?” Though Tessa quickly (maybe too quickly?) denied them being together, she had nothing but praise for her partner. But of course, that wasn’t enough for Ellen.

“So you’re a couple?” Ellen asked again, to which Scott revealed the two did actually date! But it was when they were children. They barely even spoke to each other during this “relationship” before deciding to keep it professional. Sigh.

For not being romantically involved, the skating partners sure do know a lot about each other after 20 years together. In Ellen’s version of the Newlywed Game, “The Definitely Not Dating Game,” the two had to answer a variety of questions about each other, like “Who is Scott’s celebrity crush?”

They both got the same eerily accurate answer for that one: Reese Witherspoon, specifically in Walk The Line. So he clearly has a thing for brunettes.

Whether they’re a couple or not, it’s hard to hate Tessa and Scott. They’ve represented their country well for three Olympic games, and have become some of the most decorated athletes in the world. How could anybody not love them?

Check out Tessa and Scott’s interview below:

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Tessa and Scott didn’t confirm to Ellen if Pyeongchang was definitely their last Olympic Games. But if it was, what a way to go!