The Harry Potter audiobook was a must for The Walking Dead’s Andrew Lincoln


While some actors may do audiobooks just for the money, it was a much bigger need for Andrew Lincoln. It turns out he’s a fanboy too!

Andrew Lincoln may currently be slaying zombies on The Walking Dead, but at home, he’s busy immersing himself into the world of “Harry Potter.” Yes, you read that right. Lincoln is a major “Harry Potter” fan; to the point, he may put even us to shame!

This is a man who has done more than just watch the movies a few times and read a couple of the books. He’s delved into the full world of Potter and listened to the original audiobooks. And he’s even brought his children up with the wizarding world, reading the books to them until they were old enough to read to themselves.

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Honor to narrate Harry Potter

"They’ve been an essential part of our bedtime routine, and Stephen Fry has rescued many a car journey from nuclear meltdown in the past."

So, it was naturally an honor when he was asked to narrate the upcoming “Harry Potter” audiobook, “Quidditch Through the Ages.” While it’s not strictly part of the wizarding world, it’s still important. It’s a reference book that goes through everything that Quidditch was and is today; and yes, it is a real sport! It’s so real that when Lincoln finally gets the chance to go on Mastermind, his specialist subject will be Quidditch.

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For those worried about just another celebrity looking for a quick buck, you can take a breath of relief. Lincoln understands how important this audiobook is to you (as it is to him) so took the job seriously from the very first second. While he’s no Stephen Fry, he definitely wants to do everyone proud.

(Photo by Paul Morigi/Getty Images for AMC)

"I go to Comic-Con in San Diego every year, and there are armies of wizards in attendance and even the odd Golden Snitch… So yes, I took the job very seriously. I hope you have as much fun listening as I did channeling my inner witch…. Those outtakes must never see the light of day."

Lincoln certainly has good things to say about the “Harry Potter” fandom, which he views very similarly to The Walking Dead fandom. Both groups of fans are completely immersed and loyal to their source material, the adaptations, and more. They feel connected to the authors, showrunners, directors, and characters. There’s passion everywhere and Lincoln was definitely excited to “dip his toes” into another world for a short period of time.

"Any story that is able to achieve such passion is down to a huge feat of imagination on the part of the writer and of course, in this case, the brilliant J.K. Rowling."

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Are you excited to hear Lincoln read “Quidditch Through the Ages?” What did you think of the voicing choice and what do you think now? Share your thoughts in the comments below.