5 ideas for The Office revival and where our fav characters could be now


The jury is still out on whether we’ll see a revival of The Office. But one of its stars, John Krasinski, has made it clear that he is fully on board and he has some ideas.

While at SXSR, John Krasinski (better known to The Office fans as Jim Halpert) shared his idea for the setting of an Office revival.

Like the original British series, Krasinski thinks there is a room for a one-off special where we see where the characters are now. A one-off special is perhaps better than an entire series, but we can’t deny we still have mixed feelings.

The show has a special place in all our hearts, not just Krasinski’s, who talks about the show with obvious affection. But nostalgia is a dangerous thing and not to be trifled with. Nostalgia is half the reason we’re getting that reboot of Charmed that no one asked for.

But we have to admit, part of us does want to know what happened next to the employees of Dunder Mifflin. How has life been treating our favorite characters since the documentary stopped filming in Scranton?

Krasinski has got us thinking. Here are a few of our ideas:

Dwight and Angela

Fastidious in everything, including matters of the heart, Dwight and Angela are very much still together and more heinously in love than ever.  They still work at Dunder Mifflin but are also an Instagram power couple. Angela posts cleaning tips and cat videos. Dwight shares updates on traditional beet farming and Game of Thrones fan theories — and maybe even writes for Winter is Coming?

Dwight’s account is called Beets by Dr Dwight. Angela is known as TheCatsPajamas (fitting, since her cats are often wearing pajamas).

Mose is still around, but he’s now divorced (not legally, since he was married to a cow named Griselda) and looking for love. He is absolutely on Tinder.

Kelly and Ryan

Inspired by the success of Donald Trump, Ryan is trying to launch his own political career. His main campaign policies are free smartphones for everyone and limousines for every Uber driver, because, quote, “Why should I be the only one to travel in style?” (“Everybody should have the chance to be cool,” was an early contender for his campaign slogan.)

Indeed, he is so committed to equality that he drank a pint of plain protein shake to prove his devotion to diversity, the day after he saw Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner do the something similar. He would have liked it to be chocolate milk too but he only had protein powder on hand.

He is, however, surprisingly a Democrat. Though this is only because he believes Barack Obama asked him to run (he didn’t; he merely gave him a thumbs up when they ran into him on a Scandal walking tour in Washington).

His wife, the inimitable Kelly Kapoor, is also his social media manager, stylist and publicist. She is hoping to launch her own line of shoes, and intends to “revolutionize the office of First Lady” by declaring a war on pantsuits.

Kelly counts the Kardashians amongst her friends, after meeting them once (they have yet to return her calls). She often uses plotlines on the show as metaphors for Ryan’s policies. Her most frequently name-dropped celebrity is Reese Witherspoon, who she once washed her hands next to in a bar restroom.

Pam and Jim

Pam and Jim are living in Austin and have four kids. There are very happy, very in love and are so rich they have a kitchen island. Pam has a studio where she continues with her art, mostly drawing office buildings and imagining the people in them.

She has published a coffee-table book called Humans of Dunder Mifflin which was a huge cult success as a result of the documentary and Kelly has asked her to create the portraits for Ryan’s political campaign. She makes fake posters with scathing slogans when she’s frustrated with their demands, but the mock ups make Jim laugh and she still loves to do that.

Jim is writing a movie in his spare time and he hopes it’s better than Threat Level Midnight. A movie has been made about the making of that, however, by James Franco. Seth Rogen plays Jim.

Darryl Philbin

Darryl, who was Vice President of Athlete Relations at Athlead when we last saw him, is now President of Athlete Relations. He sits on the board and is making a lot of money. A lot.

He remarried his ex-wife Justine and his daughter Jada is now a teenager who attends private school. Jada is super bright, super popular and constantly embarrassed by her dad and his tendency to get out his keyboard whenever her friends are around.

He did have a number one a few years ago, with a novelty song featuring famous athletes. But Quincy Jones said something mean about it in a magazine interview, leading Darryl to end his music career there. He does secretly write advertising jingles though, but you didn’t hear that from us.

Michael Scott

Okay, we know Michael won’t be in a revival, unless for a brief cameo, probably due to Steve Carell’s newfound love of Oscar-bait. But still, we like to imagine where Michael Scott is now.

After giving the most-watched TedTalk of all time, Michael has written four books on management styles and is currently in talks to become the narrator of a documentary about paper (spoiler: he will win an Oscar as a result).

He is happy with Holly and his four children, who are in awe of their father and don’t find him embarrassing at all. Yes, even when he makes them do a family Christmas card based on whatever is popular that year.

Last Christmas, he dressed up as Wonder Woman, with Holly as Steve Trevor and his kids as Dr. Poison, Antiope, Etta Candy and Pennywise the Clown (the last child had an issue with compliance).

All of the Dunder Mifflin employees under his management still receive one of these Christmas cards. Even when they’ve moved house and not given a forwarding address. It is an inexplicable, but almost comforting constant.

Time to leave Dunder Mifflin behind?

We have plenty more ideas for where other characters have gone too. Meredith is a holiday rep in Magaluf. Oscar is an accountant for the stars. Kevin is a professional taste tester.

Phyllis has retired to Provence with Bob Vance, Vance Refrigeration and spends her time mostly watching Hugh Jackman films on repeat.

But as fun as imagining their future lives is, we’re still not sure we want a new series. What if the writers don’t like my vision and Jim and Pam aren’t still happily married? That’s not a concept I can live with.

Jim and Pam are basically Schrodinger’s OTP. If we don’t know what they’re up to in 2017, we can fully believe that they are happy and living contentedly.

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So let’s leave them all be. Jim, like Jack Dawson for Rose in Titanic, exists now only in our memory and he’s still ruining men for us, five years later.