15 shows to watch if you like Game of Thrones

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Peaky Blinders — BBC/Netflix

What it is: Peaky Blinders is a about a family of gangsters running Birmingham, England in the early 20th century. Tommy Shelby is the leader of the small-time crime family, and is intent on making his family more powerful and more money. He’s ruthless and cunning, and he gives zero effs when it comes to doing what he has to get money and respect. He is insanely badass, and thanks to Cillian Murphy perfecting the ultimate brood, he’s super dreamy.

Tommy is the leader of the family, for sure, but he has three brothers, a sister and an aunt who all refuse to be pushed around. While constantly fighting outside forces for territory and power, they are also consistently butting heads with each other, never really agreeing on how to move the family forward.  They fight almost as fiercely with each other as they do to protect the family.

Why you’ll like it:  It’s got all the intense machinations of power like Game of Thrones. Everybody is always clawing and scratching their way to the top, and there is a lot of betrayal and intrigue. Tommy and his Aunt Polly will give Cersei and Jamie a run for their dysfunctional money any day, minus the incest, of course.

Peaky Blinders has all the power-seeking, politics, murder, plotting and guile that Game of Thrones does, but it also has a really cool soundtrack, packed with cultivated indie artists that make it seem timeless.

Where to find it: You can watch all four seasons on Netflix right now.